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DJ Dick Van Gelder





Dick Van Gelder

Disc Jockey is a collective term for many capacities although many people think it only stands for
someone who is capable to choose music appealing to people.

DJ Toon has proven throughout the years that he is capable to deliver more than just bringing music
to the people.

For several generations he manages to catch the attention of his audience and he knows how to

transform the
audience to a partying crowd of people having fun and forgetting their day to day concerns.

He does this with his personal touch delivering a distinct musical identity.

The sets used are always adapted to serve and pleasure his audience and as such he can always make

the difference.

His long musical experience and creativity do guarantee pleasant moments that can only be delivered

by dj’s like DJ TOON.

The untiring dynamism and love for dance music is like an elixir ripening year after year and

delivering results each and every year.

DJ Dick Van Gelder © 2012